System Furniture G1 Options Panel, Trim and Tile Options

Panel, Trim and Tile Options

The Genesis Panel System is a stackable system with infinitely extensible height and length; you can create an independent space up to the ceiling. By selecting the size and shape of panels you want for your office environment, a functional office space of appropriately mixed with tiles of various materials and designs will emerge.

    Genesis Panel frames provide the flexbility to alter the look and function quickly and easily. Stackable panel frames can be added for additional privacy or be removed when interaction is required.
    Genesis Panel frames provide theflexbility to alter the look andfunction quickly and easily. Stackablepanel frames can be added foradditional privacy or be removedwhen interaction is required.
    • Radius Trim/
    • 3 1/4” Panel Width

Another advantage of the Genesis panel system is that various types of tiles can be used with one frame. Where privacy and openness are both needed, glass tile can be used and near the telephone and printer, sound absorbent tile can be used.
  • Laminate Laminate
  • Painted Painted
  • Fabric Covered Fabric Covered
  • Clear Glass Clear Glass
  • Frosted Glass Frosted Glass
  • Airflow Airflow
  • Marker Board Marker Board
  • Tackable / Acoustical Tackable /