System Furniture G2 Storage Pedestals


Storage Units
In the area of information and OA, It is not easy to organize many documents, CDs, and office tools with a small drawer attached to the desk.Meet the G2 Storage Units, designed for efficient work space. Genesis suggests efficient and convenient work environment.
  • Steel ball bearing sliders Full extension slide The use of steel ball bearings enables the full extension of drawers to enable users to make full use of even the back section of the drawer more easily. When on pulling out the lower drawer - it will prevent the pedestal from leaning to the front side.
  • Key core separation Core separating key When losing the key, only the key core can be changed making it economically viable and convenient for A/S.
  • Mobile Pedestals / Fixed Pedestals Mobile pedestals / Fixed pedestals Genesis' drawers have various models according to the utilization and storage functions. The movable drawer and the worksurface are the same height and is divided into connection extension type that extends the work space.