Completion of space with efficiency and creativity boost
Colors adding comfort to the space and contemporary simple design


Pleasant and efficient separated workspace
Creative office environment

The G6 66T panel series allows the configuration of workstations tailored to
the work characteristics or the structure of office space with varied module combinations.
Make your own creative workspace with simple finish
design and diverse panel color combinations.



Neatly Connected Design

The design completion has been elevated with the modern design of
naturally connecting the top cover and the end finish bar.

Varying Color Combinations

Fabric tiles with varying colors and trim color
combinations create a stylish workspace.

Base Cover with Concise Design

Wires can be handled with a minimal design that supports
free assembly direction without a separate cap.

Wire management

Rotary, Fixed Belt Tile

Smooth opening/closing with the use of a damper hinge and the fixable 120-degree opening angle provide convenient wire management

Bottom Horizontal Wire Guide

More stable wire management is available through the wire guide located on the bottom.


01 End Finish Bar with Simple Connection Method

The HOOK-type assembly structure enables durable assembly without the use of tools.

02 Stackable Frame System

The application of a detachable layered system allows the user to extend the height when needed to transform the workspace and protect personal privacy.

03 Accessory Bar

The accessory bar with a concise design can be installed at the desired height, and simple storage tools and stands can be used.

04 Rotary Tile Button

The time of assembly and dismantling is significantly reduced by applying rotary tile buttons, and especially for relocation, multiple tiles can be stacked for movement with the realization of minimized volume.

05 Frosted Tempered Glass Tile

The application of an aluminum frame makes the tempered glass durable, and the use of frosted printing on the glass surface takes personal privacy into consideration.

06 Open Shelves and Door Shelves

The shelves assembled in a hanging type are convenient for storing books or documents.

07 Clamp Locking with Simple Assembly and Dismantling

Work efficiency is improved during installation and dismantling as only one exclusive clamp is needed for locking when connecting frames, without additional tools.

08 Frame Wobble Preventing and Straightness Maintaining Guide

The guide for preventing wobble among frames and maintaining straightness has been applied.

09 Adjustable height foot

This maintains the level stably when the floor’s level is uneven, and the floor surface has been finished with rubber material to prevent slipping panels.

Model list