GENESIS's workspace proposal equipped
with a modern modular-type office system


Space utilization solution suited to the organization’s work

As an office panel system with a simple and durable design consisting of module combination, the G1 panel series provide a solution for maximizing the efficiency of limited office space and variously changing workspace.



Two Trim Types of Round and Flat

The simple finish stands out in the two trim styles of 82mm-thick Round & Flat.

Various Color Combinations

Fabric tiles of varying colors and combinations of trim colors enable users to direct their desired office environment ambiance.

Wire management

Efficient Wire Management

As wires can be handled horizontally and vertically, such as the top, middle, and bottom, complicated wire issues in the office due to the increase of OA equipment can be solved perfectly.

Wire Management by Using Base Cover

Efficient wire management is available by using a bottom base cover.


01 Frame Composition of Varying Heights

Purpose-suited space can be composed by using a stackable frame with extendable height.

02 Bottom Connector

As the connector mounted on the bottom panel is equipped with a left-right interlocking feature, it facilitates the operation for panel assembly and elevates the stability of the connected structure among panels.

03 Hanging System

The hanging system using the top and brackets and enabling the configuration of various forms of workstations suited to the work characteristics minimizes the interference from the bottom, allowing the creation of more spacious and economic office space.

04 End Finish Bar of Simple Connection Method

The HOOK-type assembly structure enables durable assembly without the use of tools.

05 Rotary Tile Button

The application of rotary tile buttons significantly reduced the time of assembly and dismantling, and when relocating for a move, multiple tiles can be stacked for transfer, realizing the minimization of volume.

06 Accessory Tile, Accessory Bar

Simple storage tools and stands can be used through accessory tiles and accessory bars with concise but practical design.

07 Open Shelves and Door Shelves

The shelves assembled in a hanging type are convenient for storing books, documents, etc.



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